Fairfax’s Recycling Work Featured on KVOA News 4

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KVOA TUCSON – Dozens of homes that have lined Grant Road for decades will soon be reduced to rubble, but their useful lives are far from over.

The first of many were taken down earlier this month. The debris was hauled off by contractors, not to a landfill, but to the Fairfax Companies E Speedway location.

There, materials are sorted by employees.

Untreated wood stays here in Tucson and is made into mulch, or compost. Concrete is crushed reused in road projects, while metal is sorted further and shipped off to other companies worldwide for processing.

“I think it’s just important that people know that in these demolition jobs that this material is not all being wasted, not just being landfilled,” said Jason Tankersley, Fairfax Companies CEO.

Meaning the majority of demolished Grant Road homes eventually wind up back in daily use.

“We actually try to do something, we’re trying to create local jobs, so out of destruction comes something constructive and something beneficial to Tucson,” said Tankersley.

The City of Tucson is also working on a pilot program that would let people purchase materials in these historic old homes, like fixtures or flooring, prior to demolition. The project’s website now has a demolition tab, with information on what types of items are available.